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Not a Virus

Not a Virus was a game me and two other game designers built for our Conestoga class. The game is played as a top down adventure styled video game where the player controls the main character NAV who must progresss through the maze well collecting cookies and avoiding viruses.


My role in the creation of Not a Virus

My role in the creation of the game Not A Virus was primarily the role of modeler and assisting in coding. In saying this I made the characters for NAV and the worms as well as the textures seen in the screen above. In addition I created the walk cycles and coded the movement in the game. Through the process of making this game I was able to expand my knowledge in animation, coding and game design as well as work with two highly talented game designers.


Dragon Raid

The concept of dragon raid is that the player is a dragon and must fly and breath fire to attack the people running on the ground well avoiding the catapult fire coming from the ground. The player score goes up the more they are able to slaughter before they themselves are killed. The player is able to fly forward and back using their screen tilt. They are also able to fly up and down or fire by touching areas on the screen


my role in Dragon Raid

For this game I created for one of my Conestoga assignments I was the sole developer. To make this game I use construct 2 and based it off the example that we were given in our Conestoga class. I then changed the images adjusted the time sheets and variable. In addition I also added the mob and fire mechanics.


Don't feed the Summons

Play as a monster that must consume the insignificant humans that in their hubris have summoned you. Travel through the floors an make them feel your wrath. This is a time race adventure game where the player losses health every second and must eat the bots found on the map to replenish their health till the can find the portal home.


my role in DFTS

This game was originally for an assignment which was to do a variation on the roll a ball tutorial provided by unity.The player represents a ball moving across the scene to pick up collectibles with our own spin on it.
I chose to do a game where the player is a monster and must consume the people on the level in order to win. In addition to changing the base meshes I altered to movement so the player rotates instead of sidesteps. Additionally there are three levels separated by and elevator the second and third levels contain bots that move around the map and attack the play. I included doors and obstacles that the player can interact with in order to make the game more enjoyable.

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